" When the cold days hit, it wasn’t excuse to be unfashionable. "
just one of the essentials.
Ready For The Cold ?
Did Tom Ford kill it or what ? Sexy, stylish, and UNIQUE !
…let the games begin…

Time For The Holidays !

Before I begin, on behalf of Paper Doll and myself, we would like to send our prayers out to the individuals and families who were victims of Hurricane Sandy, which heavily hit the East Coast, from Tennessee, to Washington, and of course, New York. According to local news, the death toll in New York, alone, is up to 40, and at 74 nation-wide, and many ave been left with close to nothing. Remember that dwelling on what has been done is not the answer, now is the time to focus on what can be done NOW to help and fix what has become broken. In anyway you can, reach out and help; there’s nothing better than taking it out of yourself to put a smile on someone else’s face. 

Just in time for the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, you are now welcome to buy items from our store, through our Facebook page ! The site features all our new items from Fauborg Du Temple, Motel Rocks, Ladakh, and SUPER Brand. If you haven’t already, check into our Facebook page ( Paper Doll Boutique ), and view our previous blog post to see the new pieces that have made their fall debut. In addition to those, we have also welcomed more new items from SUPER Brand; the tailored high waist beige skirt with leather trim, the tailored wool french classic with leather collars and trimmed pockets, as well as the feather print maxi skirt with leather trimmed waist. (pictures below)

Keep checking in dolls, next Friday we will be posting what your Wish Lists should include, so get your pen and paper ready, and let the wishing begin!



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